UV Clarifiers

The UV-C is a luminated appliance that emits radiation in a confined environment. Its purpose is to eliminate free-floating organisms from pond water. It works by nullifying bacteria, small protozoa, fungi and viruses which active algae needs to feed on to survive. It therefore controls algae growth.

UV Clarifiers are not filters in the sense that they detoxify the water. Their purpose is to kill the unicellular algae which are mainly responsible for green water. Basically a UV consists of a tube within a tube. The water flows through an outer tube and over the UV lamp that is housed in the inner tube.

Lamp size depends on litreage. Below is a basic guide.
1000L to 2000L 5 watt
2000L to 4000L 9 watt
4000L to 6000L 11 watt
6000L to 12000L 18 watt
12000L to 24000L 30 watt
24000L to 30000L 40 watt
30000L to 50000L 75 watt