Showing your koi

There are two aspects about Koi Shows that should be considered. Going to a show to enjoy the Koi and going as an exhibitor.
As the Koi on display will be top examples of their varieties, this is a great chance to see fish that really do fit the standards and also to view some of the rarer ones, that so far, you have seen only in books.

The Koi Society of Australia has a Koi Pet & Garden Show .
Admission is free and more information can be obtained by
phoning (02) 9604 7072.

Showing Your Fish
The decision to show your fish needs to be taken about three months before the show, as it will probably take you that long to get your fish up into Show Condition.

Begin by dosing for external parasites and a week later for intestinal worms.

Immediately after this, start the fish on colour enhancer. This must be stopped one month before the show to allow the white to lose any pinkish tints which it may have developed.

Check the pH and adjust it to suit the variety of fish which you are entering.

Quite apart from the colour enhancers, the better the health of the fish, the brighter the colours will appear. The skin will also develop a healthy sheen which helps to make the fish look even more magnificent. To help with this try to feed at least some live food. Basically however, it comes back to the fundamental of just how good is the quality of your water.

When entering your fish, check that it is the right size to qualify for the class which you have selected. Measurement is from nose tip to end of tail.

3 weeks before, run Bentonite through your pond, if you have the right kind of filter.

3 days before. Stop feeding any fish going to the Show. They travel better, with less stress and their water in the bin stays cleaner with a lower Ammonia Level, so colours stay brighter and fish stay quieter.

On the day itself, START EARLY ENOUGH. If you are under pressure, this is when you will split a fin or cause other minor damage, not to mention spoiling a good day with frazzled tempers!