Q & A

Q: What do I have to do with our water?
A: Chlorine free, PH should read above Neutral (7.2-7.5)

Q: How many Koi can I put in my pond?
A: 1 x 10cm needs 56 Litres. For more calculations go to Koi Care on this site.

Q: Do I need a filter?
A: Yes a filter is vital to the health and longevity of your Koi

Q: Do I need to put extra oxygen into the water?
A: Depending on your stocking rate and your return of water from your filter. A water feature may create enough oxygen in your pond.

Q: What do you feed Koi?
A: Koi can be fed many foods and it is good to give them a balanced diet. We recommend specifically manufactured Koi pellets.

Q: How much do you feed them?
A: Whatever they eat in 10 mins

Q: What do I need to regularly test my water for?
A: If your fish change their behaviour dramatically you should test for PH and Ammonia

Q: What do I do if I find any Ammonia in my water?
A: The contaminated water needs to be discarded. As ammonia is heavier than water the bottom half of the water should be changed. Remember when refilling from the city water tap to add water ager as well, to remove the chloromine.

Q: Why do I constantly have Ammonia in my pond?
A: Either your pond is overstocked or your filter is inadequate.

Q: When are Koi ready to breed?
A: Generally any fish over 25cm, provided that it is over 3 years of age.

Q: How do I breed my Koi?
A: Breeding Koi is not a very easy thing to do. They need the proper environment to spawn in and this is usually away from the main population of your Koi. Once spawned the eggs need to be kept at a constant temperature and the fry need to be fed special food. Koi breeding is best kept to Commercial Farms who have proper breeding facilities.