Ponds can be constructed of concrete, bricks, blocks and liner ponds. However we recommend fibreglass ponds.

Concrete ponds using bricks and blocks are appropriate in most cases; however they must be sealed adequately. Fibreglass sealing is recommended.

Our Fibreglass Ponds come in standard sizes and are strengthened to be either fully submersed in the ground or free standing without bowing or buckling from pressure. The Ponds are Black in colour and with algae growth the colour will be dark green.

Small Pond
2.2M L x 1.2M W x 600mm H
1500 Litres


Medium Pond
2.4M L x 2.2M W x 900mm H
4500 Litres


Large Pond
4M L x 2.4M W x 900 H
8500 Litres

We guarantee that with appropriate care and installation the pond will last a lifetime.


Pond Repair

Ponds are repairable in most cases. We have a team of specialists in repairing leaking ponds. We aim to give you low maintenance, lasting enjoyment of your fish pond.

Some problems that occur in ponds are:

  • inadequate filtration systems
  • location of pond
  • inappropriate construction
  • non functional bio filtration system