Opening Hours

We are open from 9:00am to 5:00pm, 7 days a week.

Our Knowledge

Our in-depth knowledge of our lines enables us to produce quality fish at affordable prices.

Our History

We have been producing Koi fish for an excess of 25 years.

Our Address

83 Jersey Road, Bringelly NSW 2556.


Huge sales area with a variety of small and large fish.

Building a pond

Ponds can be constructed of concrete, bricks, blocks and liner ponds. However we recommend fibreglass ponds.

Biological Filters

We have designed a low maintenance bio filtration system with the aid of computer simulation.

UV Clarifiers

The UV-C is a luminated appliance that emits radiation in a confined environment.

Complete solution

Providing onsite pond design, manufacturing of filtration systems for both tank and pond.


The Koi fanciers one-stop shop

Select your koi from a wide range of quality stock Free advice to aid in your selections Pond construction specialist using the latest technology All accessories you need to create the most favourable environment for your fish Friendly service from people who share you passion

Best Quality

Value for money

Best products

Environmentally Conscious Company

Traditional Style

Extensive Koi Range